Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Work commitments can change all of a sudden and you don’t want to leave your dog too long, particularly if they have separation anxiety.
When the weather turns dark and nasty the energy levels and motivation to walk a dog can decrease so call me, I work snow rain or shine.
A new member to the family like a baby can take up most of your time that was normally spent walking your dog, give me a call and I’ll help out.
Perhaps children who used to walk the dog have recently moved out and you don’t have the time yourself to do it.
There are any number of reasons, so please give me a call to arrange a plan.

There’s plenty to see and do near my house and there are plenty of amazing walks and dog friendly parks, your dog will have a great holiday whilst you do to.

Dog walks are always in small controlled groups. I always walk in quiet parks away from any roads. I like to offer structured dog walks where the dogs have a chance to hike a safe route, have a play with their pals and have the chance to play some games.

I post regular photographs and videos from the walks to my Facebook page to give you peace of mind and show you how much fun they’re having.

Solo walks can also be provided if your dog is a little less social or has
any extra requirements that means they are not suitable for group walks.

We have a specially adapted Mercedes Vito Van for picking up and dropping of. But dont worry if your dog does not like being in the back they can go in the front with a safety harness.

Zero tolerance to dog fouling and Canine First Aid registered.